Colour Practise Video

A palette of watercolours and a brush.

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Because I got some odd questions I decided to Vlog my colouring and drawing process and include the mistakes. This video is me colouring in paint tool sai only from start to finish. I’ve added annotations to the video of the exact brushes and their settings for anyone interested ^^

Just to go over one last time how to add or create a new brush in easy paint tool sai, all you need to do it:

~ Right click an empty square amoung the tools

~Choose which type of brush/tool you wish to make

~ Set the tool texture, density and min size to your liking.

Searching for paint tool sai tutorials is the best way to go about finding out what min size is used for or how it functions or merely type in “paint tool sai tutorial” in the youtube search bar and I can assure you that you will find more than enough tutorials to help you out. is actually one of the best places to go for digital art or digital painting tutorials. I really recommend going there first before surfing the web, also because unless they are insanely popular, you won’t find these tutorials on google and by insanely popular I mean daily page hits that are in the 4 and up figures.