OpenCanvas 7

Two videos of me mostly talking about the things I love about the changes and performance of the newest version of OpenCanvas 7. Artweaver has a similar event file and even similar brushes but OC is the original and still can’t be beaten! Especially when concerning Event Files.

Hope you guys enjoyed these videos. I am trying to add audio more often.


The Chamomile Experiment Begins!

I’ve been waiting for two things to start:

  1. A bag of real herbal Chamomile tea, flower heads and all
  2. Spring to hit a bit harder
  3. Money to buy seedling trays so I can grow other things

So I am declaring either today or tomorrow afternoon my official start to my experiment. I mentioned this in a previous post Can You Grow Chamomile From Teabags? I discovered it is possible apparently to do so, according to a video posted on YouTube but this is the internet and not all information is right. However the organic Chamomile will definitely yield results as it clearly has seeds in it. I think I have Roman and German Chamomile but I am not entirely sure so if I find out which one I have I will make sure to add that bit of info.

I will most likely just update this one post here as I go along which would make it an incredibly HUGE post that is image heavy. So if you are interested in this journey, it will be long and slow so bookmark this post and check back in a week to a few weeks.

Fun In IbisPaint

I have been having loads of fun in ibispaint and rewatching my own drawings. I hope to continue to do so. Here’s a quick replay. One thing I love is not having to record it myself and capture every moment of drawing and painting. One day though I will set my camera up for top down recording.

OpenCanvas 7: My Thoughts

Anyone that knows me or has followed this blog and my Tumblr, knows that I am a HUGE fan of OpenCanvas. I have been using it for years. Finally I got some P&Q and a decent mic and recorded some audio to go with it.

There will be a part two but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy the video. I will likely follow up this post with another that is image heavy before coming out with the second vid.

Art & Software Related Posts

If you want to read things about art software and reviews, please go visit my Blogger. But I will still post such things here if it’s SUPER awesome or related to my YouTube channel. I will occasionally post art here too. Also to on my Blogger blog, you can find more YouTube vids and links to free stuff I make for download, such as Clip Studio Paint assets and 3D objects as well as the occasional paintbrush from various applications.

I will still post things like that here but no where near as much as on my blogger until I can upgrade this WordPress which I have been trying to do for over 3 years now. It’s the currency conversion that’s killing me.

So here are a few goodies to visit (And remember if you follow my Patreon, there’s no need to show support. I reached my goals to replace items.):

  1. Blogger
  2. Pintrest
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook
  5. Tumblr
  6. Patreon

My tumblr is a good source of sketches and links to things I find interesting, usually art or animation related with the occasional tutorial because it’s easy to do so with the layout.


YouTube Collaboration

It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve done a video collaboration and when I had it was back in my newbie days so those videos are long gone now. I had an opportunity to work with Orphanlast and unfortunately things have been slow because of me. Life got in the way but I finally held up my end.

I am lucky he has been so patient with me. There will be a second part and I am working hard on it. I just need to keep up with my new workflow and it will be ready in no time. Hope you guys enjoyed the video.


I am revamping 4 of my other blogs yes 4! But I will not be ignoring this one. I am currently looking for a home and it’s a weird situation where I either have to get out or prove I have nowhere to go and stay where I am. But it’s put a HUGE hole in my gardening plans because it’s almost Spring in Australia which means it’s seedling planting time for certain plants I wish to grow. Mint is at the top of my list.

I very much so wanted to document creating a nice rising garden bed as well but there’s no point in starting if I have to leave. So for my other blogs, one is invite only and the other three are subject based. This is my everything blow where I talk about a bit of everything. What I do, what I am up to what I am working on, new things I learn etc. My Tumblr blog is my general art dumping grounds. I post sketches, frequently abandoned projects in otherwords art scraps and any art videos I find useful. Then there’s my Blogger/Blogspot blog where I link my youtube videos to my bigger and better art videos. Sometimes I post tutorials or software reviews or I talk about the creation process. The posts are either very long and indepth or quick video shares. Then there’s my LiveJournal blog. It’s basically the same as my tumblr account. It’s  just a matter of convenience. However I tend to talk more about webcomic creation and fanart and fanfic. I like to keep it separated from my regular art for various reasons.

Well anyway the plan is a MASS clean out, possible blog deletion or changing the subject matter. Most likely a massive update and changing the blog subject matter. I am thinking of turning my livejournal into a more software review type blog but who knows yet. We shall see what happens.