The Other Braided T-Shirt Rug Zig Zag Experiment!


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Remember my 2nd attempt at a little braided t-shirt rug I was working on?  Yes…that one.  Okay, okay.  So I got up to the top of the stairs today and I didn’t feel like coming down because it hurts, so I decided to sit at the sewing machine instead and psyche myself up to go ahead and zig zag this new batch of braid that’s been sitting up in the sewing room since March.  Well beyond the due date!  All couch and chair slipcover aside!

So look!  Isn’t it beautiful?

I did stop and start a few times as it does take a little practice to make sure you squeeze the two edges together in the middle of the pressure foot.

The zig zag stitch is set to the widest it will go and I’m using a longer stitch length.  I’m going slow, squeezing the two edges…

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What Have I Been Up To You Ask?

Nothing. Resting.

That’s about it. I’ve been cleaning up and changing up and rearranging my house and work area and playing games. Recently I worked so hard I burned out again so I’m taking it easy and easing myself back into a more comfortable work flow and work area.

I will be back to updating here more regularly soon and hopefully with some animations to share along the way. Though it’s more likely that I will share those on my website since I prefer using that wordpress over the new wordpress. I REALLY miss the old editor I had gotten so use to.

TTFN! :)

Speed Paintings and Timelapses


This is what I have currently been up to lately. I’ve been reviving a webcomic, catching up on old webcomics and still studying and practising 2D animation. Mostly I’m taking some time off learning to paint and do webcomics. Software used was Clip Paint Studio EX. In all 3 videos.