Pencil2D Exporting Video Tutorial

I have never been able to do this, despite using it for years. This frequently made me more or less refuse to use the program. But I figured it out. Everyone else, it worked fine but not me. So try this if everything else suggested has failed.

  1. Download ffmpeg
  2. Create a folder in your Pencil2D directory called “plugins”. I think on Windows it’s case sensitive so use all lowercase.
  3. Unzip all of ffmpeg into the plugins directory.
  4. Find a file called ff-prompt. Run it!! If you don’t Pencil won’t find it.
  5. Find the ffmpeg exe file in the Bin folder. Copy it. Go back to the plugins folder.
  6. Paste the ffmpeg exe there. I’ve tried it other ways.
  7. Now you should be able to export and Pencil2D should be able to find and use ffmpeg now.
  8. Enjoy!

I tried EVERYTHING suggested. Followed every tutorial meticulously! I even ran prompt. This is the only thing that has worked currently for me and I’m not the only user having video export issues.

As of writting this, this method has worked on the current stable release 0.5.4. Beta and the previous version

Internet Upgrade Hassles

So some, (though most haven’t) may have noticed a huge drop in activity from me. Either a lack of reblogging, likes or general talkativeness from me lately.

In Febuary we upgraded our internet or so we thought, what actually happened was the guy upgraded us to an entertainment package. For my american readers, they gave us cable with our already no different internet. Same thing plus cable. He said it would take 2 weeks and it will take effect. So we waited impatiently.

We rang up more than 3weeks later complaining the speed was worse. The answer we got was “Oh that’s normal for your area and the service you are on”. We couldn’t get it through to this woman that we wanted and asked to be upgraded to the NBN. Then it got even WORSE.

DL of 300kbps with an upload of 48kbps. This was NOT the speeds promised. It wasn’t even close to the speeds we should have been getting on the package we were on. We were paying $95 a month for that slow shit, are you kidding me?!

We knew we weren’t connected to the NBN, the problem was getting the company to pay attention. Their screen said everything was fine. In other words we were wrong.

So we tried AGAIN. This time we got someone that listened and was helpful. He sent over a technician. He said “you’re not connected to the NBN but everything else is fine, contact your host provider.” So we did. They sent another tech today and finally everything is upgraded as promised and the speeds we have are as advertised.

Basically we’ve been back and forth with this BS. I’m not going to name or blame the provider because they’re usually very helpful and this is the first bad experience in years which is saying a lot. I mean I generally like this company. I have a mobile with them, my mum and husband do as well and we have no issues.

They offered us extra money off our bill for customer loyalty and as a bit of an apology, and of course we happily took it. After all he was very nice and helpful.

I’m just glad it’s fixed and the frustration is over. I miss livestreaming art and watching stuff without pausing so it can load. It literally felt like the days when I had dial up where you’d wait so long you could mow the lawn, go shopping and still not be able to watch youtube. Yuck!

All complaining aside I’m a lot happier with these speeds. It’s made using my laptop in my room much more comfortable and I’m very grateful for the lack of strain with having family or guests use our net.

So to sum it up, getting NBN installed was a hassle. Times like this I wish support spoke better english and new more about the products they’re trying to help with…

It’s much faster yes but good luck getting the right one installed.